Selected projects

A prime location with excellent infrastructure awaits you at Pazmanitengasse 12 For rent

Pazmanitengasse 12

1020 Wien

In this attractive residential complex at Pazmanitengasse 12 in Vienna's 2nd district, a total of 50 residential units are available to rent across a total useable area of 4,231 m2. As well as 24 parking spaces, this property also has a commercial unit in which a renowned children's outpatient clinic has found its home. The residential building which was completed in 2019 also boasts an elegant, bright staircase and spacious roof terraces for the penthouse apartments.
This property at Würtzlerstraße in 1030 Vienna catches your eye even from afar In planning

Würtzlerstraße 18

1030 Wien

Fancy a row house feeling in the middle of city? In the near future you'll be able to find that at Würtzlerstraße 18 in Vienna's 3rd district. A residential complex is being built here with 33 attractive residential units across a total useable space of 2,503 m2. The row house feeling can be found in the courtyard wing and there are beautiful maisonette apartments with their own roof terraces in the courtyard building. 24 parking spaces and a commercial unit complete the offer of this property which will be completed in 2026.